Busker MP3 Player

Busker MP3 Player 1.37

Convert your handheld into an MP3 player

A fresh new Palm MP3 player for your Palm Treo Smartphone or PDA. Play MP3 tunes from your SD card, and turn your Palm or Treo into a top music machine!

Using Busker MP3 is easy - download and install it to your Palm OS PDA or smartphone, then feed it an SD card with your MP3's on it. Busker scans the card and builds an index of the tunes it finds - it even matches up tracks and artists with different spellings, to give you a nice and tidy list of music.

To get instant playback, tap QuickMix - Busker selects 15 tunes at random and begins to play instantly. If you'd rather choose a tune, simply tap through the artist and album until you find the track you want, then tap it to play. Busker is a feast for your eyes too - it shows you album cover art as it plays. And if you don't have the album art already, you can ask Busker to go online and search and download art for you - how cool is that!

Features of Busker include:

  • Album Cover Art picture display
  • Wireless cover art find and download
  • A bold, bright and easy-to-use interface
  • QuickMix - one tap to play a mix of songs
  • Favorites - one tap to play your faves
  • Flexible playlists
  • Browse music by artists or by directories
  • Built-in Alarm Clock
  • MP3, Ogg and Wav support
  • Treo and Palm 5 way key control
  • Finger-sized button control
  • Automatic screen-blanking to save power
  • Music plays while you use your Palm
  • Web Extra's online section

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Busker MP3 Player


Busker MP3 Player 1.37

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